Love Untitled Part 1

By Claudia: “L’amor che muove il sole e l’altre stelle” -Love that moves the Sun and all the Stars. That’s all Dante had to say at the end of a journey that literally took him to hell and back. So is that really the bottom line? Love rules all? If that was to be the case how do we explain the reality we live in, how do we explain the terror that poisons our minds and the fear that dismantles our hearts, how do we account for the plague of solitude in a society where we’re all at everybody’s reach… I mean… How does someone like me even have a job?

claudia2 I could tell you that the only cause is the fact that we punctually allow our fears and insecurities to get the best of us, and literally “Blind” us in a way in which even the simple things become impossible, we just loose touch with ourselves and therefore others. We end up behind crystal bars, enslaved by the biggest illusion of all, that we are alone, but is that all there is? We really let fear defeat the “most powerful force of this, and every other world”? The concept in itself, although I’ve seen it firsthand a thousand times, baffles me… So let’s try something different… Let’s pretend that the Divine Comedy’s “Love” was Pulp Fiction… Let’s rip it apart, begin from the middle and throw the ending away and see if it comes back.

A notorious University in Pisa declared that falling in love has the same effect on the Human brain as a sudden condition of OCD, guess we know where the term “madly in love” comes from now… Funny because it’s true, whoever has been in love can testify that “reality suspends”, we become love’s fool, ready to slay a dragon one second and write a tender song the next. We are capable of the biggest dreams yet paralyzed by the smallest details, we could move mountains and yet not pick the phone and as my guide “Haakon” points out… We could die for love, but never quite live for it.

Once again, that Seven-Hundred year old Viking (Haakon) hit the nail on the head….Love was never meant to be waited for, longed for, cried upon… Love was never designed to have us confined within our bedroom walls, enslaved by the ghosts of our past failures and on the verge of loathing ourselves while forsaking God… No… It was not. Love is meant to be ferociously grabbed, to be uncannily fought for and to be held so tightly to your body that your skin becomes just an irrelevant barrier. Love was given to us to become alive in every sense of the word. A wise man once said “The truth will set you free, after it’s done with you”…. same goes for love… so let it do to you whatever it wants and respond to it, it’s not a sentence, it’s a challenge, put all extra endorphins to good use, do not waste a single bonus heart bit, taste the adrenaline and let it do its job.

Become greater than yourself, wake up and become the warrior of light you are meant to be, understand that the only rejection that actually exists is the one you inflict to yourself and reach out… glorious as a Goddess, reach out…you hold the power of life within you, I’m sure you can manage a phone call. Worst case scenario, just call me afterwards….. And, no point in looking back, the person you were before falling in love is gone for good… its upgrade is waiting outside of your bedroom door…

To be continued….

Love and Power,


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